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When Papa Roach visited Sweden a couple of weeks ago, they brought a british support band called Glamour Of The Kill. Our reporter Philip got a short chat them.

PHILIP: How does it feel to be such a new band and have a lot of good reception? 

GLK: It’s awesome, it helps the progression of the band. It’s cool to be on tour with Papa Roach since we are big fans, as well.

PHILIP: What is the biggest difference between your first and most recent album? 

GLKA lot of things have changed, man. We are a lot better. We released our first album 1,5 years after we wrote it. That was already kind of old before we released it. We got caught in record labels, management – Everything that could go wrong went wrong. We changed the label and the management, and then finally! We are just different people now, because we recorded our first when we we’re really young: Nowadays things aren’t exactly stripped down, but things don’t just go for the sake of it.

PHILIP: In what country do you think your music genre is the biggest?

GLKMuch is heavier than what we do, like Bring Me the Horizon. The path we try to go down is sort of radio-metal. That thing is kind of big in the States, but also kind of classic radio like Nickelback and also bands like Shinedown. It’s not un-personal to be too commercial, it’s just a genre. Many commercial bands on the radio don’t sell half as much as we do, and we’re a heavier band. We’re not that heavy, we look like we are, but man, we’re not.

PHILIP: ​Britain has produced a lot of good music over the years. Is it thanks to growing up in Britain that you choose your genre that seems quite big back home?

GLK​We look up to bands as Iron Maiden. It doesn’t matter we’re we from, the music we play right now kind of evolved into what it is right now. We used to be terrible, and we mature through age and how many years we’ve been in a band. In some cases we have a very British sound, like Iron Maiden/Judas Priest old school style. We listen to a lot of heavier American music also, and that’s we’re we get the break downs. I love touring America, I love Texas, and I love the girls. I forget how nice it is. You’re really taken care of when you’re in Europe. When you’re in the UK, you don’t get this (Showing around in the dressing room and pointing to a plate of cheese, tequila, and more. I joked about stealing some stuff and not standing in the front of the crowd so they could see me later, followed by laughter.) We even have a shower! Within a year we’ll hopefully have our new record out, hopefully by next summer. The distraction is everywhere, so it isn’t easier to write music in a certain place. We recorded demos in the past in vans and now in tour buses on a 40 h drive. It’s crazy.


REPORTER: Philip Almén (
PHOTOGRAPHER: Minna Ridderstolpe (



Davey Richmond – Vocals / Bass
Chris Gomerson – Guitar/ Vocals
Mike Kingswood – Lead Guitar/ Vocals
Ben Thomson – Drums / Vocals

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