STREAMING: NONEXIST – Nya albumet From My Cold Dead Hands streamas exklusivt på Rockbladet

NONEXIST har släppt nytt album, "From My Cold Dead Hands", i fredags den 2/11. Du kan nu exklusivt lyssna på hela skivan via sound cloud-spelaren nedan, bara här på Rockbladet. 



PRESS RELEASE (Endast på engelska)

NONEXIST New album “From My Cold Dead Hands” Out on November 2nd 2012 via Pivotal Rockordings. Getting a supergroup back together after 10 years isn’t exactly the most surprising event to ever transpire in the world of metal — but getting said supergroup to release an album that surpasses its previous efforts in every way, is something that almost never occurs.

Sweden’s NONEXIST, featuring Johan Reinholdz (ANDROMEDA, SKYFIRE) and Johan Liiva (ex- ARCH ENEMY, HEARSE, CARNAGE) is returning with a brand new full-length record entitled From My Cold Dead Hands, the band’s first release since 2002’s Deus Deceptor. The duo’s first release in over a decade is an even more varied, mature, ferocious, and catchy album than its Century Media Records debut and it will undoubtedly stand the test of time as a masterpiece of metal.

Fans expecting to hear Liiva’s trademark howl made popular by the first three ARCH ENEMY records will be absolutely delighted by From My Cold Dead Hands as soon as the ripping opener “Dark and Tortured Universe” gets going, but the musical complexity of Reinholdz’s guitar playing and songsmanship shines equally bright on this 9-track monster. Styles jump back and forth from the Stockholm death metal sound reminiscent of DISMEMBER and GRAVE to the more melodic and nuanced riffing of CARCASS—even summoning some of the more experimental vibes of Crimson-era EDGE OF SANITY. NONEXIST never gets complacent to one particular sound, but never sounds disjointed or forced either.

If the book of Swedish death metal is your cup of tea then get ready for not only the return of a group whose names were written in its pages, but an album that may make rewriting its chapters a necessity as NONEXIST deservingly earns such a title as “Swedish metal greatness” for this one. And of course, if you disagree with that you can feel free to take the title away from the guys—if you can pry it from their cold, dead hands.

From My Cold Dead Hands was recorded at Multipass Studios and produced, mixed & mastered by Johan Reinholdz. The album will be released on November 2nd via Pivotal Rockordings through all major digital retailers. From My Cold Dead Hands will also be accompanied by cover songs that will be released for free through various media outlets.

1. Dark and Tortured Universe
2. Presence Everlasting
3. Flesh Falls from the Bone
4. Days without End
5. Fire at Will
6. Collective Coma
7. From My Cold Dead Hands
8. Lost in Darkness and Confusion
9. Here Comes the Pain

Megadeth – "In My Darkest Hour"
Coroner – "Masked Jackal"
Atomic Rooster – "Death Walks Behind You"
Merciless – "Realm of the Dark"
Eucharist – "Greeting Immortality"

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