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Tour recap and sorry for the delay!

The Finnish tour has been so totally awesome that it´s hard to describe in words! 
Haven´t said so yet but Joensuu and Imatra was of course complete madness and if we were to have that reception every time we go on stage I guess we would never go home 😉

Joensuu was packed with crazy people and we don´t mind and the heat on stage was not to be mistaken…damn I was drenched in sweat afterwards and it actually felt good to go outside and have a smoke in -20… but kids…don´t try that at home 😉

Quite soft evening and I think we all slept very well knowing that we pulled of a great show and that everyone seems very happy and all 😀

So eventually we reached our final stop. Imatra. Cool, small basement venue with a killer backstage with a sauna of course since we´re in Finland. Some technical difficulties though but with our crew, no problem is to big, Gotta love those guys 🙂

And speking of killer backstage…this time we didn´t get hotel rooms,we got the clubowners apartment instead in the same house as the venue, and was amazing. A true penthouse suite with sauna and jacuzzi and a motorcycle (??!) in the living room. 

 The show was beyond good and I think that everyone of us was feeling a bit tired when we left Imatra for Helsinki the day after to catch the flight home. It´s only rock n´ roll baby 😉

But this time getting home was just a quick stop…a quick bounce before we headed out on the now ongoing European Tour with Stratovarious! But that´s another story to be continued. 😉

So sorry for the lack of pictures. I have `em, just need to sort them. I´ll get back to you on that one 😉

Take care and greetings from Bratislava 😀 


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