When Papa Roach visited Sweden and Tyrol in Stockholm the other weel, our reporter Philip had a pleasent visit in his interview couch, no less then the guitarist Jerry Horton. The interview was a short talk about what they have become through their 20 years long career

PHILIP: What is the biggest difference between your most recent album and your old ones? 

JERRY: The use of electronics, we decided to try different sounds and textures instead of just layering guitars on top of each other. That would be the main thing, I think. I mean, we’ve changed a lot so I guess maybe you could say we are more melodic. But electronics is the main thing. There has not been one way we write songs. Sometimes we write on our own, sometimes we jam.

PHILIP: Being a band for 20 years, what has become more and less important? 

JERRY: Our priorities haven’t changed so much. The live shows are really important to us. We don’t focus so much on…we don’t just go out there and see what happens, we plan things and are more focused on our business. People don’t buy as much music as they used to. Tour and be smart about touring. Our goal is to go to places we haven’t been to for a long time. There are some places that we haven’t been like Turkey and Croatia. I’ve heard from other people that there are a lot of big rock audiences there. We have been to Russia a lot lately. We still want to go to south east Asia and we still haven’t been to Australia in ten years. We’re trying to build other markets instead of just going to the States.

PHILIP: Does it help or not to have a lot of different influences among the band members? 

JERRY: I think it helps. We all have a common vision on our songs should sound. If somebody brings in an influence that I don’t normally think of, and if it sounds a little “out there”, we make it sound like Papa Roach. 

PHILIP: In what country are the fans most hardcore and enthusiastic?

JERRY: That would be a toss between Germany and the UK. We have had great shows other places. We’ve had great shows in both smaller and larger venues, cities and countries. People travel from different countries just to see us in Germany and the UK. That’s cool.

PHILIP: You’ve had several hits throughout the year:? Do you sometimes aim for a more commercial approach or do you just do your thing and see whoever likes it?

JERRY: We just do our thing, it’s all about making ourselves happy. We kind of like the pop format, that’s how we like to write. We write songs and if one is bad we throw that one away. We don’t write a certain song to come on the radio. If something sounds a little too radio, we throw things in to make it more interesting.

PHILIP: Is it hard to be an American rock band since pop and rap are the dominates genres back at home right now? 

JERRY: It’s not hard. Rock is still alive in the States. It has just turned into an underground scene. We are bigger in Europe than in the States. California is tough, because we don’t go there enough. There haven’t been rock festivals around the States, making an event, and they’re starting to pop up more and more in the States.

PHILIP: What's the next big plan? How long are you gonna be around, you think? 

JERRY: This is the last tour for this record cycle. We end on the tenth of December, and we start in February with a new record with the producer of the latest Five Finger Death Punch record. Hopefully in the summer of 2014 we’ll come back around.


REPORTER: Philip Almén (

PHOTOGRAPHER: Minna Ridderstolpe (


Jacoby Shaddix – lead vocals
Jerry Horton – lead guitarist, backing vocals
Tobin Esperance – bassist, programming, backing vocals
Tony Palermo – drums

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