VIDEOPREMIÄR EXKLUSIVT PÅ – Motörhead lyrics video Crying Shame

Motörhead slöppte sin platta Aftershock i oktober 2013, nu kommer deras Lyrics video till låten "Crying Shame" som vi på väldigt stolta över att få dela med oss exklusivt i Sverige till alla våra läsare, som vi gör tillsammans med Triada Communications.


Skivan Aftershock som tagits emot varmt av mer eller mindre hela Rock och musikvärlden är det senaste alstret från det mytomspunna bandet Motörhead. ( gav 9/10 i betyg till skivan, och recensionen kan du läsa här.)

Som Motörhead låter meddela i den officiella press-releasen "It all means that lawns should beware in 2014 'cos Motörhead are up and running again!", finns det bara en sak att tolka, Motörhead är nu äntligen tillbaka på allvar, och kommer garanterat få avnjutas på diverse festivaler och arenor igen.

Discography Motörhead

1977    Motörhead
1979    Overkill
1980    Ace of Spades
1982    Iron Fist
1983    Another Perfect Day
1986    Orgasmatron
1987    Rock 'n' Roll
1991    1916
1992    March ör Die
1993    Bastards
1995    Sacrifice
1996    Overnight Sensation
1998    Snake Bite Love
2000    We Are Motörhead
2002    Hammered
2004    Inferno
2006    Kiss of Death
2008    Motörizer
2010    The Wörld Is Yours
2013    Aftershock

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Officiell Press Release

Motörhead Release 'Crying Shame' from smash-hit Aftershock album

International men of mystery (and metal's greatest Godfathers) Motörhead will release their second single from the smash-hit Aftershock album on March 24th. Titled 'Crying Shame', it's a thick, smokey, bluesy-stomp and swagger through hot and dusty Motörcountry, the rough and tumble of life, love and the universe seen through the eyes of Kilmister & co, with the accompanying lyric video literally spelling it out for listeners.

Aftershock, produced by Cameron Webb,  continues to be received as one of the band's most popular, and venerated, releases in years, achieving top 10 status throughout most of Europe and proving their most successful US release yet. Rolling Stone said 'Endlessly obsessed with damned dames and the fugitive life, Kilmister remains most powerful at his most apocalyptic', while The Guardian (UK) said 'Lemmy hasn't sounded this engaged with his art in years' while Q Magazine said 'Here comes Motorhead, oblivious, oddly unpredictable, deliciously bluesy, punky and rocking–simply magnificent'. Revolver stated that 'Aftershock is another worthy entry into Motörhead’s long discography, with 14 rollicking tracks of brawn, broads, and blazing riffs' and Classic Rock magazine proclaimed that 'There are no dubstep breaks, string quartets or bursts of yodeling. But this is also the best Motorhead album for many years'.

The band will take the stage once more for this year's prestigious Coachella Festival on April 13th and 19th, while also playing some solo shows in and around the western US including a gargantuan Las Vegas night with Megadeth on April 17th Then in June, they will commence with some Summer festival appearances, kicking off in Milan, Italy on June 24th.

It all means that lawns should beware in 2014 'cos Motörhead are up and running again!

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