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Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless are out now with their highly anticipated second album album Going To Hell (Link to review). It has sold more than 35 000 copies and counting, and is currently nr.5 on the American Billboard chart. The success is a fact and we managed to get ahold of the very busy lead singer. These are her words on success and much more.


What was the biggest difference between your first and the newest album Going To Hell when it comes to influences and the creative process?

– The obvious difference is I wrote the first record when I was 14/15 years old, I'm 20 now, so it's just naturally a more mature record.  We also spent 2 1/2 years touring the world, and that made us a very tight unit as a band. The record is much more of a band record, much more raw and stripped down.


What were your greatest influences with this album?

– Life- our experiences the last few years really changed my perspective on things. 


Do you sometimes get criticism for the actress-gone-singer crossover, and if yes, how do you deal with that?

– It's been years since I was in acting, it feels like another life to me now.  The fans come for the music.


In what country do you think your music genre is the biggest?

– I have no idea, to be honest.  We’ve been everywhere and the response has been great.


Where do you feel the rock scene is hottest right now?

– I’m not sure, I've stopped thinking of music as genres, there are songs and musicians who play them. 


I get the feeling that ”Why’d You Bring a Shotgun to the Party” is kind of an anti-war song, mocking the Americans obsessions with guns. Is that a possible correct interpretation? 

– Whatever you want it to be…


Your songs on this albums deal with Christianity in a very tongue-in-cheek and hedonistic way. Are you religious at all and what’s your standpoint on religion, coming from the Midwest?

– It's definitely an influence on my metaphors, but it's not supposed to be a direct connotation, they're just songs.  I don’t like to give away a songs’ meaning, I want the listener to decide what it means to them.


The record is kind of cynical, making good use of the grunge dynamics quiet/loud and aggressive/calm. Do you feel that regardless of how dark the lyrics are, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel?

– I don't see the record as cynical, I see it as honest, my honest perspective on things, positive or negative is how it relates to your own life.


WRITER: Philip Almén (
INTERVIEW: Taylor Momsen / The Pretty Reckless




Taylor Momsen – Vocals 
Ben Phillips – Guitar
Mark Damon – Bass 
Jamie Perkins – Drums


Review of the album in swedish


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