Papa Roach – Interview (English)

The Californian rockers Papa Roach payed a visit to Bråvalla Festival a few weeks ago. ROCKBLADET and our reporter Philip Almén got the chance to meet the bands energetic and charismatic front man Jacoby Shaddix


ME: I would like to know about the last album F.E.A.R that came out earlier this year, since you said on a Spotify commentary that you've been through "Hell and back again" and that it felt really genuine.

Jacoby: When I look back at the process of making that album, it was definitely a process of self-discovery. What my purpose is in life and with music. Reevaluating my purpose with music and really facing my demons.

ME: Was this a more genuine process than usual?

Jacoby: Yeah, because I saw this clarity from overcoming substance abuse, alcoholism and drug abuse. And being clean for a few years and coming back and to start writing a record with a clear head gave me an opportunity to really dig in to myself. I was tired of that vicious cycle. Ironic and bold move to go to Las Vegas of all places to record the album, but I came out stronger from the experience.

ME: What feelings did you have throughout the recording sessions?

Jacoby: I felt all types of emotions. When I recorded "Gravity" I felt pathetic. What a fucking scumbag I was. Just how false. Lyrically I'm really proud what I did with the record. Musically I was so inspired by the music the band was creating. It just made for a fun fucking experience. Tony the drummer: Exciting drum parts, big heavy banging riffs. When the band was sending me songs I was like "I can't wait to work on this. "Constant flow of inspiration". I've always struggled in the studio but this time I had so much more confidence as a writer because I was focused and clear minded.

ME: How were your different abuses and your behavior affecting friends and family?

Jacoby: I've really been making amends to people the last four years, and let go of bad baggage. Some relationships are cut off because they were negative influences of partying and stuff. Shallow friends. This music business is full of that. I think a lot of people, the 80s bands were built on sex, drugs and rock n' roll. They crumbled. I still struggle with shit, but I fight. Everyday we get to step on that stage. It brings all different types of people together. It's about a feeling you can't download or watch on Youtube. It's about fighting the good fight.

Reporter: Philip Almén
Band: Papa Roach

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