Eagles of Death Metal – Interview

Me: What is the biggest difference between your newest album and the old ones?

Jesse: That's a totally fair question, we get asked that a lot. If you lined the albums up you would se were they're headed, because I don't try to do anything different. I hope the new album feels like the same old fun guys but in a nicer suit. All I've been trying to do is getting better at being a guitar player, get better at songwriting: the fun stuff, the shit, the reason that makes us want to go into music.

Me: But it's always supposed to be easy going?

Jesse: Yeah, the first rule we have is: When you make an album, leave your ego at the fucking door. It stays there, don't bring it out again.

Me: You aim for good goofy shows

Jesse: Yes, and that's a dick bigger than ***** and it stays hard for at least four hours without the blue diamond.

Me: What's your favorite place to tour in?

Jesse: I love Sweden: I love the cleanness, love the weather, the organization. I got some Swedish blood in me. I love Australia, I love touring the Midwest. I was raised a cowboy.

Me: Why did it take so long between this album and the last album?

Jesse: Because Josh Homme and I believe in a concept of not a certain time, but right on time. If you take more than three weeks of recording time to make a record, you shouldn't be making a fucking record!



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