Roger Waters skapade magi på Friends Arena

Den legendariske Roger Waters besökte Friends Arena i helgen, och gav en magisk show. En gediger setlist med Pink Floyd-hits och låtar från sin långa solokarriär. Därtill så använder även Roger sitt framträdande för att belysa många och tunga orättvisor i världen, vilket ger hans show en upplevelse för publiken som de sent kommer glömma. Vi hade en utländsk gästskribent på plats som beskrev sin upplevelse så här.




The long awaited day has finally come, thousands of Pink Floyd fans from all over Sweden gathered at Friends Arena, Stockholm, on Saturday, 18th of August 2018 to witness the 74 year-old Pink Floyd’s co-founder, co-vocalist, bassist, and lyricist Roger Waters on a legendary performance of his Us and Them tour.

The show features songs from Pink Floyd’s greatest albums (The Dark Side of The Moon, The Wall, Animals, Wish You Were Here) plus some new songs from his album Is This the Life We Really Want?.

In addition the a spectacular set-list, Roger Waters preached his audience about equality and human rights, the production honored the martyrs in Gaza, Syria, Iraq and intensively encourage the audience to resist the nasty and corrupted political leaders such as Bush, Erdogan, Netanyahu, with primary emphasis on Donald Trump mocking the latter as a “fucking pig” and labeling him in the most accurate way in the lyrics of Pigs from the album Animals as ‘’you are nearly a laugh, but you are really a, CRY’’.

Underlining the sad reality of the situation of the so-called ‘American democracy’, toward the end of the song Pigs, the screen flashed a selection of the most idiotic quotes such that the American president has vomited to the media during his campaign and presidency. It can be seen in the video below from the Mexico City show of the same tour. It is noteworthy that since Trump has won the presidency in January 2017, Roger Waters has done this production in the video in almost all major American States, and since then has and will continue to do it in 26 other countries returning to Mexico on December 9th 2018. 






KONSERT: Roger Waters
ARENA: Friends Arena / Solna
DATUM: 2018-08-18





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