Nox Rocks Live – LIVESTREAM – Lucia Party 666

Sweden’s greatest rock stars strike a united blow against the Covid darkness during Lucia!



Sweden, one of the world’s most prominent countries for hard rock and metal music wants to shine a light for the rest of the world through a collective live show.
This country has produced internationally successful rock artists and bands since the beginning, such as Europe, Hammerfall and more.
Together with Nox Rocks Live, they are now making a collective effort to stand united against all the suffering that the music industry is enduring right now.
Surely, everyone is aware of the empty venues and the Covid darkness that has swept it’s cloak of sorrow over entire nations and the music world.
This is precisely what Nox Rocks Live Lucia Party 666 wants to change!

It will be a near live experience on the Lucia night between December 12, through 13th, where Sweden’s rock and metal elite, as well as international artists from bands such as Manowar, King Diamond, Europe, Pretty Maids appear and entertain their fans with 6 hours, 6 minutes and 6 seconds of live streamed performances, interviews and more.

Nox Rocks follows the Covid 19 recommendations set by the public health authority and offer a memorable evening.
This is a shared initiative to create hope in an otherwise dark and grim music industry.

Jens Johansson – Rainbow/Stratovarius • John Levén – Europe • Ronnie Atkins – Pretty Maids • Anders Johansson – Manowar/Tungsten/ex Hammerfall • Pontus Norgren – Hammerfall • Pontus Egberg – King Diamond/At the Movies/Wolf • Chris Laney – Pretty Maids/At the Movies • Johan Langquist – Candlemass • Mappe Björkman – Candlemass • Nalle Påhlsson – Therion/Treat/Easy Action • Marcus Jidell – Avatarium • Peter Hermansson – 220v • Jacob Samuels – Cloud Circus/ex Poodles • Matti Alfonzetti – Skintrade • Per Soläng – Corroded • Chris Ståhl – ex Power/ex Talisman • Bosse Stagman – Stagman • Erika • Fan Heller – Tribute to Van Halen • Deepest Purple – Tribute to Deep Purple • Linnea Vikström • Corrosive Sweden • The Sonic Overlords • Annie Kratz-Gutå • AB/CD • Diamonds & Guns • MILE • Supralunar• Leah Martin-Brown – Evol Walks…and  many more surprices!

12-13 December
Information and tickets at:

SKRIBENT: Jonas Lööw (
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