Electric Hydra släpper ny låt – Eyes of Time

Svenska Electric Hydra släppte sitt debutalbum i november 2020 på Majestic Mountain Records, recension här. Nu är det äntligen dags för ny musik i form av låten Eyes of Time som är den första singeln från bandets andra album som kommer ut under nästa år. Låten hade premiär idag via The Obelisk och finns tillgänglig på Spotify och andra streamingtjänster fredagen den 19:e augusti.



Electric Hydra is back after the success of their self-titled debut album. This time with a huge statement as a response to the recent events that shook the metal scene in Sweden and affected the band itself. 

”The lyrics is originally about existential questions referring to our thoughts and how they only exist because we create them and that everything around us including ourself are in constant transition from one shape to another,” lead singer Sanne Karlsson explains. ”Energy can neither be created or destroyed, only converted from one form to another.”

All of a sudden the song seemed spot on as a protest against sexism and the toxic masculinity in the music scene and the time for releasing it feels really right. Eyes of tim is a punch in the face with its loud guitars, hard drums and in-your-face attitude! ”They say if you cut off one of the hydras head, two more will grow back in it’s place, and it feels like an important statement for us to do in times like these,” bassist Ellinor Andersson continues.

Electric Hydra is more than ready to finish up their second album and to play it live, for everyone that wants to listen.



Sanne Karlsson – vocals
Ellinor Andersson – bass
Peter Söderberg – guitar
Dennis Åhman – drums


Electric Hydra (2020)


FOTON: Camilla Andersson

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