Trummisen Adde Moon lämnar Hardcore Superstar

Foto: Mattias "Madcap" Nilsson

På sociala medier meddelade Hardcore Superstar igår att Adde lämnar bandet:
We are sorry to announce that Adde has made the decision to leave Hardcore Superstar to purse other challenges. Our full statement is below but rest assured this is not the end, we’re working hard on new music and can’t wait to see you all at the upcoming shows.” / Martin, Jocke & Vic



Adde Moon har bestämt sig för att kliva ur sin bekvämlighetszon för att anta nya utmaningar och meddelade igår att han lämnar Hardcore Superstar. Nedan kan du läsa både bandets och från Addes egna uttalanden.

Hardcore Superstar:

“Hej everyone. We are sorry to announce that Adde has decided to leave Hardcore Superstar to pursue new challenges. The last 25 years have been an absolute whirlwind for us all as we have traveled the world as brothers, writing, recording, playing shows and sharing countless adventures and good times. We are so proud of everything we have achieved together and we will miss his energy, creativity, unparalleled musicianship and huge personality but as the song says… the show must go on! We will take our time to fins the right person to fill the huge shoes that Adde is leaving behind, but in the meantime Johan Reivén will continue to hold down the drum duties for all our upcoming shows including both the Monsters of Rock Cruise and our Swedish dates. Our passion and drive for creating new music remains at an all time high and we cant’t wait to see you all on tour! On a personal note we just want to say thank you to Adde, we love and support you and wish you the very best in everything that you do.”

Addes uttalande: 

“To everyone. My main focus for the last 25 years has been to write songs, rehearse, record, tour like a maniac and push the band I’m in forward. This is a goal we all shared and I’m proud of everything we’ve achieved. It’s been an unbelievable journey with a lot of ups and very few downs. Every dream I’ve had as a musician has been fulfilled One of many things I’m proud of is that we never did it for fame or money, staying true to ourselves and writing our type of songs was always our main priority. I remember that our old record company told us to write songs more in the style of The Hives… Big Mistake! While I love that band, you simply do not tell us something like that. It’s almost a guarantee that we will do the opposite!

As a result, our manager went shopping for a new record deal but without any luck, instead everyone asked him if we were for real? Eventually our long-time manager Magnus Lundbäck founded his own label and we released our “Black album” there.

I’m also proud of how we used to push and torture ourselves just to become a good live act.

We used to play the whole set as a warmup in the dressing room before our show and we continued to do so for many years. That’s how determined we were and I think that we ended up being a solid live act because of that “Eye of the Tiger” mentality.

However, I’ve now taken the hard decision to step out of my comfort zone and leave the band because I need to challenge myself again.

It’s both scary and exciting to break away from that safe place I’ve had for so long. I will always support the guys and I love them like brothers. They are really good people. I still love to write songs, practice and study music and I love to wake up, grab a cup of coffee and go out to my studio and create something from scratch. It’s in my DNA and I will continue to do so. I’m up for anything. Just be a drummer in band maybe???

Love you all, but first and foremost Jocke, Martin, Vic and Thomas”

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