LACUNA COIL: ny singel och video – ‘In The Mean Time’

Lacuna Coil är tillbaka med sin nya singel: “In The Mean Time” med Ash Costello från New Years Day. Låtens titel är en hänvisning till den tid världen lever i, såväl som en hänvisning till det tillstånd bandet självt befinner sig i, mellan cyklerna. Musikvideon är bland annat inspelad på metalbaren “The Abyss” i Göteborg (Patric Ullaeus, rEvolver Film).

Bandet om låten:
“’In The Mean Time’ is a reflection on how much our society has generally ‘lost the plot’. We are living in really mean times filled with unhappy people: lonely, anxious, depressed, destructive. The pressure that crushes from the outside doesn’t allow to see things with the right clarity. This song is like group therapy: not a lamentation, but acceptance that once broken, it’s hard to put oneself back together again. We need to take our minds off all the inescapable toxicity and find that there’s so much more to this life… and know that in the meantime, everything cannot be aligned. We invited Ash Costello from New Years Day to feature on the track and we’re thrilled she came on board adding exactly what we needed for this song with her warm voice and charisma”.

Ash Costello från NEW YEARS DAY: 
“I am deeply honored to join LACUNA COIL on tour for the first time, to have the incredible opportunity to lend my guest vocals to a new track and appear in the music video. Working alongside the powerhouse vocalist Cristina has been a privilege, and I may be biased in saying that ‘In The Mean Time’ has quickly become my favorite by LACUNA COIL. Its message about embracing individuality and not conforming deeply resonates with me.”

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