Pirate Queen har släppt sin tredje singel – ‘Santa Lucia’

I fredags släppte Pirate Queen sin tredje singel, ‘Santa Lucia’, från kommande albumet “Ghosts” som släpps den 3 maj 2024 (via Despotz Records). Pirate Queen är det första helt kvinnliga metalbandet som kombinerar musik och LARP (live action role-playing) under sina konserter. 

Captain Destiny Grieflord : 
This must be one of my favourite songs on the album. A symphonic, melodic, epic, adventurous, pirate power metal. The blessing of the ship is an old pirate tradition that is still being practiced on Lyxion island. The Queen’s blessing ensures a safe journey and abundant bounty. Santa Lucia is our main ship on which we sailed to many adventures. It is our home and represents discovery, loyalty and fate. We are on never-ending spiritual journey, sailing with and against the current. The ship carries us through different phases of life.

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